Who Is Cocaine Addictions Expert Debbie Williams?

Cocaine Addictions Expert

I’m Debbie Williams and I specialise in helping with cocaine additions. I have worked for over 24 years now helping with all kinds of addictive behaviour. I help retrain peoples minds on how they re-present cocaine to themselves and their habit in order to release the hold it had on them.
As well as being a cocaine addictions expert, I am also a hypnotherapist who trains others in hypnotherapy for the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICCH).
I am also an NLP trainer. I’ve used NLP and hypnosis to develop unique protocols to help overcome cravings and desires for cocaine.
To break free from this destructive habit requires various strategies working consciously and unconsciously using hypnosis (and in simplistic terms) we instruct the unconscious to find better ways to meet any of the good feelings cocaine gave them, in ways that are health, wealth and happiness enhancing.

Proof Of Success With Cocaine Addictions

If you go to the main website see the many cocaine video testimonies , each one telling their own story of freedom from cocaine and how great they feel looking forwards to a brighter future and having the tools now to achieve this.

Over the years I’ve been practicing, my referrals come from Dr’s, therapists and even the famous stage hypnotist Paul McKenna. Those from Paul have seen at least 2-3 hypnotherapists and decide they want the top guy to help. He refers to me many from the midlands and north as well as London clients when he is out of the country.

My Personal Interest In Helping Cocaine Addictions

Having a very addictive nature myself. I had an eating disorder for many years, overweight as a child then bulimic and addicted to certain foods as well as using stimulant drugs, cocaine included to curb my excessive appetite.
I have been free from all addictions now for 25 plus years and have helped many others to overcome their cravings for cocaine, enabling them to feel indifferent towards it and seeing it as a waste of time and money. I coach them to build a better life for themselves where they are richer, healthier and happier now that the weight of cocaine is lifted from their shoulders.
I originally found personal development and NLP  by reading many books in the 1980’s then training with the American  Life Coach Tony Robbins ( who has worked with royalty and presidents and world leaders) I helped him on all his UK based events for 10 years from 1993. I then trained with
Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna from 1995 and have assisted them on over 60 seven day practitioner courses and much more.

How Does A Cocaine Addiction Start?


Often people start drinking with friends and using cocaine when going to parties or raves and socialising. The excitement of meeting a possible partner, the music, the drink and drugs gets stored in the unconscious mind as really good times.
As time goes by perhaps you settle down, stop partying, coke is still an occasional treat, especially if the partner is into it as well. The helpful brain ( or rather unhelpful in this instant) reminds them of the good times and triggers a craving, its Friday, you’ve worked hard all week, time for a reward. The re-presentation in the mind is that cocaine is wonderful leads often to a snap decision to get some.
Many notice it’s more the excitement of getting it as the buzz is only for a short time and the comedown effects and paranoia later ruins the rest of the weekend.
If you would like our help to overcome a cocaine addiction please get in touch. You will be pleasantly surprised as its much cheaper than rehab for cocaine and doesn’t require time of work.


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