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How To Stop Drinking So Much Alcohol

Help quit drinking so much alcohol, many people have found they have turned more to alcohol over the last year as our lives have been turned upside down. This is the first video in a free series to help you to cut down your drinking considerably.

Making A Plan

De-Link Binge Drinking From Cocaine

Many people find that when they drink too much alcohol or binge drink they cannot stop themselves from then taking cocaine. Others mix the two habits together in an unhealthy way.

When you drink alcohol, it shuts down your internal dialogue. So the part of you who would tell you to not take cocaine is silenced and you end up using and often regretting later.

We work to de-link the two habits and to train you to be able to drink in a moderate way, especially if you have a binge drinking habit, where you get all the enjoyment but are still aware and staying on track for where you want to be in life.

Hear This Testimony Of What We Achieve

Hear this chap saying that not only did he have a fabulous christmas and that food tastes better, he was able to moderate his drinking so that he could enjoy it and not go overboard or trigger any other unwanted behaviours.

We plant these suggestions within any of the hypnosis trances we record for you at the end of each session, which you keep a copy of to listen to over and over at your leisure.

I’ve Learned To Moderate My Drink And De-link It From Cocaine

Interesting of how this chap has tested his ability to drink and noticed he didn’t have any desire to touch cocaine. He even started pushing it to get drunk and was still able to stay in control. He then started to moderate his drinking to a level which felt comfortable to him. When we plant the suggestions we do it in a way that allows you to process the ideas and integrate them in your own way at the conscious and unconscious level.

When it feels like it is your own ideas forming, it really helps the new thought forms to be a permanent positive change for the better in your mind.

Help With Stopping Binge Drinking For Women Who Drink To Much Wine

Many female clients have a problem with binge drinking on wine. They get into a habit of drinking every night at home. This short video will give you some strategies and ideas on how to slow down your drinking. Overtime you will enjoy drinking less.

Many clients have come to us saying they are depressed. When their drinking gets under control, the depression lifts. As they say alcohol is a depressant. We want to enable our clients to be able to enjoy a drink, but not overdo it.

When you drink maybe once twice a week in a way to just get to the merry state, then hydrate yourself, your body can cope with it and your mind doesn’t fall into a depression. It’s such a simple but very effective strategy as you get to have all of the good feelings and no downers.

Self Help Programme For Stopping Binge Drinking

This multi tracked recording can help teach your brain to think differently around alcohol. It will help you to enjoy it more whilst drinking less, waking up the next day with no hangover either. You can download Stop Binge Drinking from only £19 here.

You can book a session here to overcome your binge drinking. Many people contact us when they realise drink has become a big problem for them. We can help you very quickly to break this destructive habit.

I Stopped Binge Drinking With Debbie’s Help

As you can hear with this video testimonial her story of blacking out, breaking bones and not being aware of where she was after abusing alcohol for so long. She decided to get some extra help and not only did she benefit but so did her mother with the strategies learned.

We have free help to quit cocaine and to quit gambling also some free help for PTSD and a free healing hypnosis recording.

We also have a full programme to Blitz Negative Thoughts  to gain mastery over your own mind. This extensive course is like having 12 sessions with us and you can listen to it over and over in the comfort of your own home. It costs £99 to download.

Find out more here; Blitz Negative Thoughts.

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