Cocaine And Lockdown

Lockdown, Cocaine Use Can Increase

Lockdown for many has been torturous as our freedoms have been removed and many have been forced to stay at home, maybe on furlough with nothing to do. You cannot go outside as you may get fined if you do.

If you are a businesses owner, perhaps the grants only cover the rent so you struggle with how you will manage to live and if you even have a business to go back to. Cocaine can become your escape mechanism.

We are told we cannot meet family or friends or visit any nursing home. Life is put on hold as are meals out and holidays. You have extra time and may fill it with cocaine

Gyms have been closed and you cannot even have a game of golf..all of the rewards you looked forwards to have been removed. Cocaine seems to fill a space…

The government dishes out ever more confusing information whilst keeping us in lockdown and there seems nothing to look forwards to anymore. Even in the bible it says without vision people perish. So cocaine creeps in more in your life as its something you can do and it is a distraction for a while.

The Rat And Cocaine Study

Scientists would keep rats in cages with water and cocaine (originally morphine) on tap to do various experiments to see if they became addicted to cocaine (and other drugs).

As these rats had absolutely nothing else to do or to look forwards too in this sometimes solitary confinement, cocaine was used in preference to the water and they became addicted to the drugs…apparently.

Rat Park

Professor Alexander wondered if it was the environment that causing the addiction so he designed what he called “Rat Park” where rats could socialise with many other rats, there was food including cheese, there were many things to play with, tunnels, balls, wheels and more.

They could meet and make friends, growing connections with each other, they could freely play and have sex and enjoy their specially designed rat amusement park environment.

Almost overnight the cocaine addicted rats changed their behaviour, they no longer had any interest in the cocaine as they had so much more interesting things to be doing.

The studies were for only 80 days before ending, but it still gives food for thought.

Addicted Soldiers .. Or Not …

A similar thing happened with soldiers returning from the Vietnam war. Out there heroin was readily available and the US government was concerned they would have an army of heroin addicts coming home.

Once the soldiers were on home soil about 95% stopped their habit immediately. It was if they had compartmentalised their use of drugs to the war zone just to make it bearable and to get through it, yet back home it wasn’t necessary any more. They had their families and society to return to.

The small amount who didn’t stop may have been using drugs to deal with PTSD 

Lockdown And Rat Park

We can learn a lot from the rat experiments as lockdown is almost like the rat experiment in reverse. We had freedoms and now they are curtailed for the time being.

However we are humans and not rats and we have the ability to use our imagination to plan what can we do instead. We just have to be more creative within  the limitations around us at the moment.

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