Cocaine Addiction Testimonials 2 Years On

2 Years On Cocaine Addiction Gone

Stories from two different clients who came to the Birmingham Cocaine Help Clinic. They came back two years later for some life/business coaching because of the confidence and change of mindset from us working with them.

First testimonial from former cocaine addiction client.

Follow Up Video Free From Cocaine

When this client came back for some business coaching, he had saved up enough to pay a deposit for a house. I asked him had he had any blips with cocaine to which he said he had one and it was awful.

And because of it, it re-enforced his decision that he was over cocaine and that it added nothing to his life.

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Second Cocaine Addiction Client; Video One

Here is the video after his third session. He hasn’t touched cocaine. Last session he said he was offered it 7 times in a night, to which he said no because he just didn’t want it.

Also he went to a stag party where there was 26 of them and all bar him were using coke.

Two Years On Not Touched Charlie

Matt gave me permission to show his face in the hope some of his friends would get their act together.

“After the first session I didn’t want to touch it. I’m around it all the time but I have no urge for it. I’m glad I’ve quit charlie (cocaine) and I feel so much better for it.”

Watch our other cocaine addiction testimonials from people like you.

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See other video testimonials from people like you who made the decision; Cocaine, you are not controlling my life any more.

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Ten Things You May Not Know About Cocaine

1000’s are dying from drugs including cocaine in Birmingham. 469 deaths in the West Midlands area. Cocaine is being mixed with heroin. Is this what you want in your life ?

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