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These video reviews for Birmingham cocaine addiction treatment centre are from ladies we have helped.

The first one came as a recommendation from another lady we worked with 12 months previously and she had stopped abusing cocaine and kept telling her friend “You should go, you will feel so much better in so many ways. “

She eventually did come with her husband who also overcame his cocaine habit with us. Hear her story as she talks on video.

“I’m not sniffling and snuffling any more and I look younger, the lines and wrinkles have gone.  It was incredibly easy. I’ve had people do it in front of me and have had no desire whatsoever.”

This lady came to us with her partner and they are both free from cocaine.

When you are ready you could just book your double breakthrough cocaine addiction treatment here.

A Written Review From M

When “M” came to us she was in a right state, worried she was going to lose her children if she didn’t stop. Her ex was really going for her and her cocaine habit had escalated. She used it to cope.

Hi Debbie

I can’t do a video review, I’m so ashamed of my behaviour. I was so against drugs, but when I met my husband he introduced me to cocaine. It gave me more confidence to start. We only ever did it weekends, but before I came to you, I was ordering it at 6pm to be dropped off at 7pm. I would rush the kids baths and get them to bed so I could have me time.

I thought it was a good thing and that it was helping me deal with a messy divorce. I needed to stop as he would use it against me and said he was going for custody as I was an unfit mother.

I just couldn’t stop. I wasn’t really enjoying it either because I would get really bad paranoia about someone being in the house as well as nightmares, well daymares of losing the kids.

You helped me so much, you broke the spell cocaine had over me and your letter to the court testifying my treatment and me being able to say, I would never have touched it if ‘he’ hadn’t of introduced it.

They believed me.

I feel so much happier. Thank you. I can see a future now which is good. My paranoia has gone and all the hypnosis downloads you gave me really helped.


Another Cocaine Video Review

You can hear this lady’s struggle and persistence payed dividends. Planning is important otherwise the brain will make you do what you’ve gotten used to doing.

With hypnosis and NLP we help re-wire those neural pathways to actually want to choose healthier, more rewarding activities and choices.

Hear what happens in a session at the Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Treatment Clinic. When you are ready you could just book your

double breakthrough cocaine addiction treatment here.