Free Quit Cocaine Help

Free Quit Cocaine Help

This free series of videos can help you to break the spell cocaine has over you.  Private sessions will always be more powerful as we can target treatment specific for you, that said there are some very useful tools and techniques shared here to get your mind in the right place to quit cocaine with our help and be successful on your own.

If you prefer one to one help you can book / contact us here.

Free Quit  Cocaine Help Video 1

In this video we talk about getting the mixed thoughts you have about cocaine out of your head and onto paper. This will help you to think more clearly and see the evidence of how cocaine is harming you.

Taking just 5 minutes to do this will be enough to start the process of dealing with the 60,000 plus thoughts our mind has to deal with everyday.

The three questions to answer are;

1, What does cocaine do for me ? Or what do I like about it or feel I get from it. Is it a reward, a buzz a distraction or you think it gives you confidence?

2, What does it cost me? In how you feel afterwards on the comedown, the money spent, your relationships, your health, your nose, heart, lungs and the guilt, depression or the paranoia.

3, What do you want instead ?  If you were to wake up tomorrow and a miracle happened, how would you know ? What would it look like, sound like, feel like?

We have a Cocaine Help Programme which has hypnosis tracks and much more which you can download to listen to to support your journey. Whenever you are ready it is only £19 find out more about the Cocaine Help Programme here.

FREE Cocaine Addiction Help Video 2

Connecting the dots of how it feels over time. Working with the first video and adding to it will help you to succeed. Also please watch the I quit cocaine video testimonials as they will inspire you.

FREE Cocaine Addiction Help Video 3

On this video we talk about how to deal with urges and cravings and to recognise they don’t last that long. Also if you have a strategy to manage them and begin to connect the dots that it is an inch of pleasure a mile of pain.

It’s not like you have to deal with 20 urges a day that a smoker does to quit a cigarette habit. Watch more videos here with simple strategies to master your own mind and overcome a cocaine addiction.

FREE Cocaine Addiction Help Video 4

More help to deal with urges and help to deal with the devil on your shoulder who tempts you to abuse cocaine. If you imagine a devil on one shoulder and a team on the other side to help you. Asking if I do say yes, how will it feel in an hour, four hours, tomorrow and the next day?

FREE Cocaine Addiction Help Hypnosis 1

This short hypnosis can help you to re wire your thinking about cocaine, where you connect the dots at an unconscious level so instead of going into the trance where you have to have coke, you are able to break the spell both consciously and unconsciously.

Repetition, just like going to the gym but this time it is for the mind in order to make it stronger is key. Make the commitment if you have an urge, you listen to this first. It will help to get to the other side of the urge and to feel the freedom of being able to say no and feel good.

FREE Cocaine Addiction Help Video 5

Coming soon…

FREE Cocaine Addiction Help Hypnosis 2

Help to plan a night out and enjoy it without cocaine. This hypnosis will help re-wire your thinking to be able to enjoy nights out and be free from cravings.

Starting from the end in mind of waking up the next day with a smile on your face knowing you have had an normal yet very enjoyable time with friends.

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