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More free help for you to change your mindset to freedom from cocaine for good.

Champagne / Boredom List

Or even a bucket list of all the things you would like to do/achieve…

Often people say they don’t have any time to do certain things and yet when time appears, unless you have a plan, often your brain may present you with limited choices to fill the space.

Your mind may have learned to link cocaine as a first choice when bored. If we make a plan in advance of better things to do that can give the same or greater benefits that cocaine gave you, we can inoculate from automatically doing what we have created as an unhelpful habit.

This video can inspire you to take five minutes and start planning a boredom/ champagne list which can be as boring as sorting out clothes for the charity shop to finding out where you can swim with dolphins and anything in-between.

Recording Successes Along The Way

If you take a few moments to capture what is going well for you, for example, perhaps you booked a hotel on a Friday night away from your area and went out with your partner and had a nice meal a few drinks and woke up the next day feeling proud that you were able to have a great evening without being able to get any cocaine.

If you capture these details, it sends a message to your brain, help me achieve more situations like this. Also when you spell it out you are focusing both conscious and unconscious mind to work together to create momentum in the direction of freedom from the old addiction to cocaine.

Even making a tick list and watching the free quit cocaine videos so many times per week will help your mindset become stronger. It’s like going to the gym for the mind, the more you exercise the stronger you will be.


How to Delink Cocaine From Alcohol

& Plan To Succeed On Having A Great Night Out

Most peoples plan around a night out, it to go out and get wrecked, hammered, slaughtered or off their face and they succeed every time.

We have helped 1000’s over the years to make a better plan where they wake up the next day feeling proud, reflecting on an enjoyable evening with just enough drink to get to the merry state and no desire for cocaine.

The free hypnosis second one down on this page planning a night out will help you succeed as well. Practice makes perfect.

Find out more about cocaine addictions expert  Debbie Williams here.

Inoculation Against A Future Trigger That Could Trip You Up

Sometimes we can be doing really well, but a phone call out of the blue from a dealer or friend stating they have some good stuff can momentarily put you in a place of weakness where you say yes and immediately regret it.

If we plan in advance of what we can do instead it will help avoid these situations and keep you on track to be free from this insidious habit.

We have more free help to quit gambling also some free help for PTSD as well as a free healing hypnosis recording.

If you feel you have unresolved emotional issues our full programme to Blitz Negative Thoughts which will help you to gain mastery over your own mind.

This is an extensive course, like doing a diploma where you can learn in hypnosis. It is like having 12 sessions with us and you can listen to it over and over in the comfort of your own home.

It costs £99 to download.Find out more here; Blitz Negative Thoughts.

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