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Here Are Some Written Testimonials

“I’ve been able to overcome the urge to go and get some cocaine just by listening to the CD, I definitely feel stronger and pleased I’ve not caved in. Looking forward to my next session”

Carl, Birmingham

” I know it took 4 sessions and I know that’s because I messed about the first 2 sessions, It was when you told me to go away and come back when I was serious about stopping, it shocked me! No one speaks to me like that!

More Money Than Sense

And you told me I had more money than sense ! How dare you, but it was what I needed to hear, you’re good, you’re very good and I no longer take any drugs, don’t need them . This was the wake up call I needed.” J.B.

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”Thank you Debbie I now love hypnosis, it is a much better high than coke ever was, you’ve given me back my confidence and self belief I couldn’t have done it without you, I’m immensely grateful”

Graham, Solihull

 ”I’m not using anywhere near as much and I’m definitely getting to the point where I’m ready to stop. I see now that taking drugs is for losers—and I’m not a loser.”


“Can I cancel the next session please as its my third but I don’t feel I need it.

I’ve been doing the exercises on the recording and I just don’t want any and by the way I’ve stopped smoking also and booked a holiday and other times for mini breaks in the future to look forward to with my family.

You’ve saved my life and my marriage and helped me with my business.” 

Adrian C

 ”I only ever took coke at weekends, but it was still a problem. The CD made me determined to stop. I haven’t had any now for 3 months”


“I was defeated when I came, I was already planning to go and get some after the session. I paid my deposit and an hour later I regretted it.

After the session, the work you did of adding support inside my head really helped.  I’ve not touched it. I’ve even got up early and gone out for a run, I’ve never done that before… ever. Ive turned into one of those positive people!”


“I haven’t had any cocaine and when I do think about it I feel I have a team inside my head helping me to say no, I feel strong and know I can do this.”


“Thank you so much for this! I’ve listened to this a week prior to my Xmas party and I managed to go out and not take anything for the first time in 15yrs!!”

Jon Matthews

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“Hope your well, let me start by saying sorry haven’t been in touch but this is what happened after our sitting.

I came out feeling positive with the stuff you said but a day later I was back doing coke, day after that I felt crap and listened to the recording and kept referring to the team on my shoulders.

I didn’t think it had worked.

Couple days after that I did coke again, and I thought that sitting with Debbie was a waste of time I kept thinking it was a waste of time but as a week went by and I didn’t even think of coke nor did I think of the team I had with me. I sat thinking to myself what’s happening here I was confused.

It had worked

 Then I went out with a few mates and there was coke in the hotel room I was in and guess what the thought didn’t even cross my mind to touch it I even got asked Do u want one some? and I said na mate I’m good and carried on pouring my Bacardi and coke it was like I had never done coke in my life there was nothing in my brain saying have one or nothing in my brain saying don’t have one it was just my brain was not interested.

3 -4 weeks on…

Now 3-4 weeks have passed or even 5 weeks I’ve not even thought about coke in its so weird I’m still trying to get my head around how this has happened.
 Debbie you have definitely cured my addiction it’s bloody amazing. My kids are back to getting well exited with me and the missus has set a date to get married, my little daughter doesn’t go to sleep unless I’m in bed with her or when I work nights I have to call her and talk to her before she goes to sleep, And with my oldest we are back to our silly games we used to play.

The feeling is out of this world.

I am so greatly thank full that you Debbie Williams have gave me my life back you have gave my kids a DADDY back and you have gave my soon to be wife her man back the one she fell in love with. Thank you so much Debbie from the bottom of my heart thank you. You will always be a part of me now for how you bought my back to living my life.
Xxxxxxxxxxx you’re amazing xxxxxxxxxx”
Had cocaine problems for a few years, looked for help but never found anything to help me stay off it until I found Debbie. Done the recommended 3 sessions and I know I will never go back to it again, been out for a few drinks and have not been tempted once. Thank you so much for your help.
J Smith 

Hi Debbie

I hope you are well? I have been having a chat with my family and partner and I have decided to not continue with my sessions for overcoming cocaine abuse for the immediate future. Reason being is positive though!

I have been in a good place for the last 6 weeks and even well onto my way with my saving for a house and also started plans for setting up an extra little  business on the side! I haven’t had any slip ups and found a little exercise, eating well and just an awareness of not wanting to feel rubbish or go backwards has really helped me, along with great support.

I plan on coming back for a few sessions once I have finished on this mini conquest and got to these goals, as I feel it would be more beneficial to help me move to the next  life goals. There is also talk of promotion for me in the near future to which I no doubt will need your help and guidance when I have those added pressures!

Can I take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart, since starting with you I feel I have a better grip on life and also my addiction however I no longer feel ashamed of it and more embrace it to make my life better ( embrace by not doing naturally!!! )

So thank you and I’ll be in touch when I am ready to go to the next step!


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