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Our Success Rate With Cocaine Addiction

To quit cocaine, we recommend a double breakthrough session (£297) followed by two single sessions (£149 each) which can be spread over a 2 months time frame.

Book your Double Breakthrough Session – £297

Book a Single Session – £149

Secure Your Session with a Deposit – £50

If you want to book in as soon as possible, but don’t get paid until the end of the month, you can pay a £50 deposit and we will send over time slots for you to choose so you can have your appointment booked in asap in your diary.

We achieve an 80% success rate breaking the cocaine addiction cycle and helping you to quit cocaine for good. This will cost approx £595 total.

We achieve a 95% success rate when we see people for 2 additional sessions. This will cost approx £895 total.

You can pay by credit card through PayPal for each quit cocaine help session as you go along. Clients often tell us that the money saved not abusing cocaine more than pays for the sessions.

Please note: If you’d like to pay through PayPal and don’t wish to have anything with the words cocaine on them coming into your email, you can pay from our hypnotherapy site instead here.

Or if you’d prefer to pay by bank transfer, please email or phone us 0121 241 0728

Please spend some time and watch our video testimonials from actual clients whom we have helped break free from abusing cocaine.

Anyone can write up convincing testimonials and say people have quit cocaine, but you cannot fake real people talking on camera. Nearly all our clients do not want to go on camera, so these testimonials are a small representation of the 1000’s we have helped over the years.

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