Treatment Options

Treatment Options For Cocaine Addiction

There are many options out there but their effectiveness varies massively. Whatever option you choose may have up to a 30% success rate because of the placebo effect.

All medical drugs are tested against placebos (inert sugar pills) and they work at least a third of the time. This is because the patient hopes/believes/dreams/decides it will work for them.

Here We Use “The Debbie Williams Method”

A unique combination of NLP and hypnosis used in a way to break the “cocaine addiction trance” and replace it with a much more positive addiction to have a life in balance.

Which includes building your wealth, health and happiness and finding ways to get your buzz out of life from positive sources. You are looking at approx. £595 spread over a 1-2 month time frame.

Rather than reading just our words, please take time to listen to real people, from trades people, office, IT workers, sales people, musicians, personal trainers, business owners to all careers from all walks of life whom coke had become an issue for them.

Debbie has coached business people as well as sports people and olympic athletes over the years to succeed at the highest level. She is addicted to your success….

When you are ready you can book here…

Rehab For Cocaine Addiction

Price varies but starts from £2000 upwards. A lot are around the £6000 – £10,000 mark and some are much higher than that.

We have many clients who have spend a fortune on rehab and it works for a while and then they cave in and are back on cocaine. If this is you, we can help you.

One client came to use and said out of the 11 on his course of treatment, only 3 have stayed clean. (him included). He came to use with some help for self esteem issues which he felt could jeopardise his longterm success of staying away from cocaine.

Detox For Cocaine Addiction

Similar to the above. One client had spent just shy of £24,000 going to a famous detox place and within weeks of coming home, he was back using.

He blamed himself and thought he was just an addict. Despite this, he ran a successful business. It was only friends of his whom we had also helped, persuaded him to come here and get help.

After approx 5 sessions he was free as we built the belief  inside to no longer desire cocaine as well as de-linking urges. It took slightly longer as we had to bring him back from a place of helplessness.


This will work in about 30% of cases, but unless the hypnotherapist has chosen to study more on how the addict mind thinks and what is needed instead, they are unlikely to be much more effective than that.

Debbie trains new hypnotherapists for the Wessex College and at Regents College London and over the year of training, we don’t go into great depth of what will work in most cases they may be presented with.

It takes further training to specialise in a subject.

Debbie has written to many within the industry and offered to train at a hugely reduced rate with very few replies. If you run an drug re-hab or you are a therapist and would like copies of Debbie’s hypnosis downloads or wish to be trained by her, please contact us.


Same as the above really. Debbie has assisted and trained on over sixty 7-9 day NLP and Hypnosis courses over the last 25 years and is a master of her craft. Her obsessive nature insures she comes up with workable effective options.

Cocaine Anonymous (Or Narcotics Anonymous)

It is based on the 12 step programme which meets every week. This is based on handing your problem to a higher power. It doesn’t have specific treatments to stop urges and desires for cocaine.

One client who came to use after attending one of these said he disliked it immensely having to say “I’m an addict”. He was highly successful in his day to day life and didn’t see himself like that at all.

He didn’t belive he had a spiritual problem either and couldn’t get on with the 12 steps.

NHS, CBT & Talking Therapies

The NHS doesn’t have any effective treatment for overcoming a cocaine addiction. Talking therapies and groups can end up having the opposite effect of actually increasing the desire for cocaine.

Counselling will not stop the desire and it relies on you finding your own will power to stop. You can be going for months and churning up stuff from your past and still using it.

One client who went regularly for months said out of the group, he felt there was only him and one other who really wanted to stop. The others had got into a pattern of just talking about cocaine and what it costs them but then would go to score straight after their meeting.

Specific Frequency Treatments

Again it does work for some. They say it helps stop and break the current cycle of drug abuse so the individual can stop using drugs and regain control, but does not imply that they will never use drugs again.

We have worked with many clients who have spent up to £1500 and within weeks are back on cocaine again. We know why the above fail and it’s Debbie’s obsessiveness for what is needed to succeed which helped her develop this unique programme.

Her method will build new neural pathways within your mind to de-link desires as well as having the support of your own specific NLP and Hypnosis recordings on your mobile to listen to.

We teach you techniques to ride over desires as well as having your mind firing on all cylinders to create a wonderful future for yourself.

Herbs & Pharmacuetical Drugs

Again because of the placebo effect they may work in 30% of cases or more.

Research Your Treatment For Cocaine Addiction Thoroughly

Please take time to find out what is available to you out there. Check out the websites and testimonials. Anyone can write good copy but videos with actual clients are total proof as each tells their own story.

99% of clients would not want to go on video but here are some who did. Cocaine Addiction Testimonials  There are even more on different pages of the website and they are inspiring.

If you want to book a session you can here. We will then email times and dates we have free. You can come to your session with a friend or family member.

We welcome it as they will “get” what we are doing and will be a great support to you later on.

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