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Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Treatment with Debbie Williams


Have you got to the point where you regularly have to get cocaine?

Are you a monthly user, a weekend binger or even a daily user?

One daily user said he had spent £25,000 last year.

What have you spent in the last 12 months?

Have you noticed you can’t get the same good feeling you used to get? Or you keep taking it to avoid the come down the next day. You wake up Monday morning and feel awful.

Is this the way you really want to live? Giving your hard earned money to a drug dealer who doesn’t even know (or care) what it’s cut with.

Book your double breakthrough cocaine addiction session now.

How will a cocaine addiction session help?

What happens in a session at the Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centre? Watch the video to hear Debbie talk about what is likely to happen within your treatment session.

I’m not sure I’m addicted though as I only use weekends read more…

Online Sessions Available by Skype

Please watch the testimonial videos from actual clients below and on the testimonial pages.

Anyone can write good testimonials on a webpage, but you cannot fake real people talking about their experience at our Birmingham Clinic. Bookmark this website and when you are ready to be free from cocaine addiction, please contact us.

What Do I Need To Break My Cocaine Habit ?

Normally we recommend a double breakthrough session at the Birmingham cocaine addiction clinic followed by two single sessions which can be spread over a 1-2 month time scale. Therefore as you lose your desire they money saved pays for your treatment. When clients do this then we achieve the results below.

Stop Cocaine Addiction Success Rate 80%-95%

We get approx. 80% success rate over the double and two single sessions and a 95% success rate with an extra 1-2 sessions. The 5% that we don’t get success with are nearly always those clients whom work or family or friends have paid for and because they have no real intention of stopping their habit.

That said, we get feedback from some of the 5% later on on say they get to the point in their own time and stop quite easily. We are relentless within sessions to help re-wire your thinking to no longer desire cocaine and to be able to look at it and feel indifferent to it.

With those who are using more frequently, daily or every other day, 2-4 more sessions may be needed to be completely free. It is more than do-able if you want to quit, we can make that happen.

Hear this chap below talking about how he completely changed his mindset towards cocaine. We worked with him for 5 sessions.

This Chap Struggled With Wanting To Stop Using Coke

He was brought here by his partner with an ultimatum, “Stop or we are over”. The first couple of sessions we planted loads of suggestions consciously and unconsciously and he started to wake up to the reality of being addicted to cocaine.

Over the sessions he decided that he wanted to stop and so was ready to commit to listening to his personal hypnosis recordings daily.  This change will stick as it’s his decision as he now wants it to work.

A Really Challenging Client Sorted In Just 3 Sessions

Without divulging the clients history because the situation seemed dire, yet he was clean within the one double breakthrough session and so the follow up sessions were used to make sure the change became permanent.

 Offered It 7 Times And Said No, I Just Didn’t Want It…

I have energy and work has improved and I’ve saved loads of money. The cloud has lifted and I’m free. Please listen to what he has to say as it will inspire you.

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