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Cocaine Binges Gone. This Has Changed My Life. I’m Now Free From Coke…

This former cocaine addict shares how he no longer binges on cocaine.He is free from coke, the shadow has been lifted from his life. Another testimony for Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Expert.

Coke Addiction GONE A Massive Weight Has Lifted. I’m Back In Control Of My Life

“Free from cocaine addiction and binges. A massive weight has gone. I’m in control of my life. A big difference from the start”. If you need help to overcome your cocaine habit then contact us. 0121 241 0728

“I’m Free Of My Coke Addiction & Saving Money & I’m Enjoying Life More”

Another cocaine addict talks about how he is now free with Birmingham cocaine addictions expert help.

Start Your Treatment To Stop Abusing Cocaine In Birmingham

Book a session here now  at our Birmingham clinic or call us on 0121 241 0728 if you really want to overcome your addiction and be free from coke. it will be the best decision you have made.

 Written Testimonials Left On Google For Us

Unfortunately over lockdown, google removed our google local places as it flagged up cocaine to them and they thought we were promoting using it. Finally after 6 months we got through to a human who agreed we were not and re-instated our page, minus our reviews. We have had to start again, luckily we had photographed and copied some of them, here is two of them below;

It took me about a year and a series of lots of mini decisions & REAL inward observations of myself and my circumstances to raise enough courage to think seriously about getting help.

Looking at my 11 year old son, one evening playing a console game, without me, trying to explain something to me about the game and me not caring a bit or registering in my mind what this 11 year old was trying to tell me. I hated myself for that, I was at the edge of tears, and self disgusted.

Finally, in Janaury 2018, whilst writing some goals on a piece of paper, I worked out just how much I’d spent over the previous 12 months on cocaine. Realising that’s only 1 year, not the last 20 years of abuse, I WENT STONE COLD and remained in SHOCK for quite awhile.



She immediately made me feel at ease. And we just spoke with one another. I realised later that her attention to detail was impecable and her ability to change my way of thinking within 2 hours nothing short of a miracle for me.

Before arriving I didn’t truly beleive that Debbie could do anything long term to help me remove the auto craving to take cocaine, as I had done so for nearly 20 years. Lately I had been taking 2 or 3 grams per day, every day at set trigger times. I automatically felt, every day that without taking I would not get through the jobs for the day.

When I left after the 2 hour session, I tell you now, I no longer thought of ‘everything’ as a pointless exercise, doom ‘n’ gloom and too much effort to stirve for. Over the next 3 to 4 days I couldn’t understand what she had actually done to me. I had not thought of calling the dealer, cocaine in the slightest alcohol (which was often the cause of wanting to take cocaine).

Debbie, had tuned into some deep rooted ambitions of mine, shook the dust off of them, and presented them to me as very real, worthy and meaningful goals to aim for and channel my energies into.

I suddenly felt awake and the fire had been relit. I’m feeling stronger and more determined every day. I keep asking “Coke, what have you done for me lately?” I list how much money im accumulating instead of spending it on that a thumbnail amount of rubbish that is not even cocaine after the amount of hands it exchanges.

I can’t connect to anything good about it at all. She has rewired my brain to connect with what is really important in my life and cocaine is not ‘it’ anymore.

Thank you Debbie.


And Another One

Hi Debbie
I came across the hypnosis you did for me and re-listened listened to it and I didn’t realise how much of what we did together has affected me up until now 6 years on. When I listened to it I’m like “wow that really did lodge into my brain” because my outlook on life is pretty much nailed on from that audio and I have been free ever since.
And some free from coke more…

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