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 Stop Cocaine Abuse Self Help With

NLP & Hypnosis Download / CD

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” Stop Cocaine Abuse” Only £19

For help overcoming cocaine addiction and stopping cravings.

  Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer  Debbie Williams’ recording, ‘Stop Cocaine Abuse’, is a truly wonderful tool for help in overcoming a cocaine addiction, stopping cravings and putting a stop to the destructive behaviour patterns of cocaine abuse.

If coming for a one to one session is out of your price range, then this is the next best thing.

Often people buy this and notice a dramatic difference in how they feel, they watch the testimonies from clients and decide to get extra help to de-link all urges for cocaine. Others email us to say its done the trick and they are free.

Stop Your Cocaine Abuse For £19 – Buy Now.

This is a multi track recording with some exercises that will help you to think differently around cocaine. The final track is the hypnosis and for this one you don’t need to do anything as it will be doing all the work.

Bonus Hypnosis Trances With Download Version Only

With this download you get 3 extra tracks (not available on CD) Track 1, is Freedom From Cocaine Hypnosis help for a enjoying a night out without thinking about cocaine. Track 2 is Hypnosis Mastermind creating a team within your mind to help eliminate urges for cocaine, quietening the mental battle within. Track 3 is the same as Track 2 without music.

Stop Cocaine Abuse Download

Stop Your Cocaine Abuse CD For £27 – Buy Now.

If you prefer a CD you can purchase it here. We will get it out to you in the post. It’s £27 and includes postage and packing.

Stop Cocaine Abuse CD

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Get the best from your hypnosis and NLP recordings

You will need to commit to listening to it over and over (not whilst driving) and it will impact on your unconscious mind to help build inner strength and the ability to say no and mean it, breaking the abusive cycle.

Listening last thing at night is a good way to incorporate it into your life. Also using it when you have urges.

If you tell yourself “yes later, I’ll get some later” then listen to the recording, you may find the urge goes completely.

Or you could just book your double breakthrough cocaine addiction treatment here.

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