Free Quit Gambling Help

Free Help to Stop Gambling


Find out if you have got a problem with gambling by taking this challenge. If you have this FREE video course will help you to break your addictive thought patterns.

You will need to listen to this course over and over to lay down new empowering thought patterns.

Gambling Addiction Help Part 1

What does gambling do for you and what does it cost you. How much have you lost thus far? Not just financial losses but damaging relationships, your own self esteem. Has it turned you into a liar?

Doing the 2 lists as suggested in this video and seeing your thoughts in black and white can help as a wake up moment that now is the time to make a positive change.

Gambling Addiction Help Part 2

Some simple strategies to deal with intense urges. This will work with any addiction. Learn what urges are and how long they last, plus how to ride over the intense urges to get to a more empowered place.

Gambling Addiction FREE Hypnosis Trance Part 3

Free hypnosis trance to help you to replace the gambling trance with a more healthier mindset. Please watch this over and over. Think of it as going to the gym for your mind.

You wouldn’t go to the gym just once and think “I’m done” it’s the same here. By repeat listening you begin to lay down the foundations within your conscious and unconscious mind to help you to be free from addictive thoughts and urges to gamble.

Plus we plant suggestions for your mind to find other healthier ways to get a buzz rather than gambling.

Gambling Testimonial

Listen to this chap who we helped overcome his addiction to gambling. He had lost over £20,000 and was obsessed in his thinking about gambling. At work he was betting online as he was bored with his job as well as every night at home and weekend binges in the casino.

We can help you to overcome your gambling addiction, but we know that if you are watching this you may not have the finances to come to us. This is why we have recorded this short video course for free as we know if you take it seriously, it will help you.

Another Testimonial for quitting gambling

Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to check on with you and let you know that I’m now gambling free.

It’s been a difficult year for everybody but with that difficulty came a good opportunity for me to finally put my addiction to bed with betting shops being closed. I put a block on my bank account so I couldn’t do it online and I know I’m never far away from relapsing but I just feel more than ever that I’ve finally got a grip of this now.

I definitely feel as though your hypnotherapy really got the ball rolling and if I could of afforded more sessions at the time then I would of and I think that would of stopped my addiction by itself, with things being shut and blocking the gambling sites on my phone it just all worked out.

But I just want to thank you for your help you gave me an outlook on life when I was completely broken and I can’t thank you enough for that.

I think you can definitely count me down as a success of changing somebody’s life in your portfolio.

I’m now saving every week towards our house which we are currently searching for which isn’t easy right now but yeah thank you so much.


More Free Help

We have free help to quit cocaine also some free help for PTSD and a free healing hypnosis recording.

We also have a full programme to Blitz Negative Thoughts  to gain mastery over your own mind. This extensive course is like having 12 sessions with us and you can listen to it over and over in the comfort of your own home. It costs £99 to download.

Find out more here; Blitz Negative Thoughts.

Testimonial for Blitz Negative Thoughts

Hi Debbie,

The recordings you’ve done for the package (how to stop repetitive negative thoughts) I bought are absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been studying NLP since 1998 and have taken Practitioner and Master Practitioner classes through INLPTA (Wyatt Woodsmall’s group) and I am now studying with Bandler in Orlando. And I have to say, my wife and I agree you are one of the best we’ve heard. Your sentences are so packed, it’s so much fun to listen to. 

Thank you for making your recordings available.

Take care,

Richie Budd

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