Cocaine & Asbestos Anyone ?

What’s Your Cocaine Cut With ?

Worryingly, international gangs have been found to use asbestos as a cheap but deadly cutting agent for cocaine and heroin. Purely for profit reasons.

Asbestos And What Else?

Levamisole, a worming agent used by farmers to kill the parasites. Overuse can cause rotting of the skin inside and out.

A study in the BMJ ( British Medical Journal) wrote about a woman’s mysterious symptoms. A hair test confirmed were caused by the levamisole-tainted cocaine she had took.

She had open skin lesions and complained of joint pain and severe abdominal pain.

One of our clients at the moment said he often has experienced loads of clean blood pouring out of him when he uses the bathroom.

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Feeling Great The Day After ?

Levamisole leaves people feeling like they have HIV doctors claim.

It can cause blood cells to rupture in the nose, ears and inner organs as well as skin discolouration.

It’s been described as the face rotting drug as literally it does that over time.

If you are a habitual user, maybe its time to take stock and decide if you really want to continue with this expensive potentially deadly habit.

Super Strength, Can You Handle It ?

In Eastbourne, police have reported a series of overdoses and deaths related to super strength cocaine and heroin has been sold.

In at least two cases the cocaine was almost 100% pure.

Do You Have The Heart For It ?

Clients have told us, it feels like their heart could explode. It is linked to heart attacks, strokes and seizures. Cocaine increases the heart rate as well as sometimes causing muscle spasms and convulsions.

Often people tell us of a user friend who died young from a heart attack and it frightened them enough to get some help for their own addiction.

Long term users can cause damage to the heart and brain. Not to mention the mental side effects of increased anxiety, paranoia, anger and depression.

You Can Feel Amazing Free From Cocaine

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