Permanent Freedom From Cocaine Addiction

2 Years Later; Cocaine Free

We are often asked, “Will my cocaine addiction come back”?

As you can hear from this chap in the video its been over 2 years now and apart from one blip which he actually found disgusting. He has been free from the hold cocaine had over him.

When he searched cocaine addiction help near me, he found the Birmingham cocaine addiction clinic.

Having enjoyed Christmas for two years without cocaine blurring the occasion, as well as saving over £20,000, he his now purchasing his first house.

Different To Rehab For Cocaine

We know that the anticipation to taking cocaine is often greater than the actual usage.

This is because the brain releases a short burst of dopamine ( which we now know also causes people to be motivated as they anticipate a reward).

The brain of a cocaine user learns that its Friday soon, time to party at the weekend.

It’s wired itself to fire off motivating images and feelings in mind, often associated with earlier use when it was fun with friends and it connects those feelings and desires to the present.

Overtime people can become ‘house’ users or only take cocaine with a select group of other users in their local pub as the time when they would be raving each weekend is long gone.

Trouble is the brain on cocaine will send out unconscious desires to get the same expected rewards, which makes it hard to stop.

This is why good hypnosis with an experienced hypnotherapist can delink the unconscious triggers and replace them with a reality check, so that you are able to look or think about cocaine and think;

“What a waste of time, I will feel awful tomorrow” and therefore able to sidestep those urges and plan something better to do with their weekend.

We use hypnosis and NLP together in a unique way the works powerfully to re-wire your brain to be free from cocaine and to get even greater “buzz” from life, becoming healthier, happier and richer.

Often clients come back for life coaching ( as did the chap in the video) as they feel so good with the help they’ve received from us, they want to achieve even more positive things in their lives.

A Growing Cocaine Habit

Sometimes after a weekend binge, the cocaine user gets into the habit of taking coke everyday, or everyday, just to feel ok as they dislike the comedown from cocaine and try to avoid it.

Birmingham Cocaine Help

We work with all kinds of cocaine habits and can set you free from the hold cocaine has on you. Watch our cocaine testimonials from previous clients and do your research to get comfortable with an experienced addiction help centre that gets results.

We can help. Bookmark us and when you are ready please contact us. You can book here or call 0121 241 0728 ( we may be with a client though and will have to call you back)

When looking for detox treatment in Birmingham, you know you are looking for something that will free you from your habit. We are more than just hypnotherapy for addiction.

Please watch our 20 plus cocaine addiction video testimonials from people just like you as well as our newly launched free course to quit cocaine here.

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