Birmingham Mail; 2 Hospitalised Daily By Cocaine

Cocaine Problem In The West Midlands

According to the Birmingham Evening Mail almost two people a day are hospitalised because of mental health problems related to cocaine use.

Over 605 admissions in 2016/17 in the West Midlands according to figures from NHS Digital.

From seizures, aggressive behaviour, paranoia, general anxiety and irritability are common place.

One client of ours who came to us the day after being held back by friends as he was convinced in his imagination that someone was talking badly about him, he had picked up a knife and wanted to go into the pub and confront these so called people to sort them out.

The next day when he realised what he tried to do, he called our Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Help Clinic  to get help. 0121 240 0728

NHS Digital Doesn’t Include Physical Symptoms

This figure does not include the physical symptoms from palpitations, chunks falling from inside the nose to stomach bleeds, bone aches, heart attacks and much much more which would take the number even higher.

Cocaine & Heart Attacks Is There A causal Link ?

Over the years of working with many people to help them break their addiction to cocaine, we hear of friends/family members who have had a heart attack and died.

This is the number one killer in the UK at the moment. It gets recorded on the death certificate as a heart attack.

Clients tell us that person was well into their cocaine, we know it damages the internal organs and puts strain on the heart. They are convinced it was the cocaine that caused/ contributed greatly to their friends death.

I think they are onto something here.

Car Accidents & Cocaine

As a society we know it is illegal to drink over the limit and drive. We’ve had clients tell us they used to snort coke as they were driving on the motorway…Thank goodness they decided to get help.

There was a horrific accident in Birmingham where the taxi was taking his last fare home and a  speeding car from the other direction hit them and killed the taxi driver and all the passengers.

One of the drivers or passengers from the speeding car had been booked before for speeding excessively and were also known cocaine dealers.

Everyone I Know Uses Cocaine So I Can’t Stop

This testimonial is from a chap we worked with who was in that situation. He even went to a stag weekend where 25 of his friends took cocaine and he didn’t. He didn’t want it at all. Please watch his video and hear his story.

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