Am I Addicted As I Only Use Cocaine Weekends

I Am I Addicted To Cocaine ?

We often get asked this question, as people presume that as they only use it once a week or even once a month they may not be addicted.

The way to find out is to make a decision to have a clean month / six weeks without using cocaine. If you can do it easily, then you are not addicted to coke.

A Psychological Addiction To Cocaine

Often people have a psychological addiction to cocaine which is the pre-curser to a full blown addiction.

Your brain has linked up that cocaine is a good thing as it has associations with going out with friends and having a good time.

It still believes that this is something to be enjoyed, hence, its the weekend, time to party. Its Friday ( or the end of the month and payday)  I’ve worked hard all week/month, I deserve this …your mind thinks…

Your unconscious is playing an old movie in mind when it was good and you had plenty of time to sleep it of. Nowadays you need a bit more to get that buzz and the comedown is bad.

You may not want to party like you did in your younger days but can’t help yourself. Its as if one foot is on the accelerator and one on the brake.

One reason we can help is we help update the software in mind to recognise that cocaine isn’t really doing it for you any more.

Plus we install new plans to have a good night out with maybe a few drinks but seeing yourself coming home with a smile on your face that lets you know you have enjoyed your evening and easily said “no” to coke as you just didn’t want it.

I Only Have Cocaine After Alcohol

Again we hear this a lot. One of the reasons this happens is that alcohol lowers down your resistance to say no, this plus just going along with what your mates are doing to ‘add’ to the night, or even keep it going ensures another weekend session is on the cards.

You can work with us one to one for sessions to overcome your cocaine addiction here.

Hypnosis Self Help Programme

We have a self help Overcome Cocaine Addiction Programme available to download for only £19. It will make stopping much easier than going it alone.

I Don’t Even Go Out Anymore

One of the saddest things we hear is that people no longer even socialise, they do cocaine at home and are really stuck in a rut with it.

If this is you, ask yourself “If I don’t change now, where will I be 1 year?, 5 years? 10 years from now ?

In my health, my finances, my relationships, my self esteem. Contact us now, you are worth it.

We now have a  free course to quit cocaine here

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