Tips For Friends, Family Of Cocaine Addict

It’s Hard For Friends & Family

It is so hard to watch someone you love seemingly destroying their life. You see the personality changes in them, their moods and even the paranoia.

You hear them say “Never again” after the comedown, only to find out they’re off buying more.

In the addicts mind, they don’t connect how it feels over time with the brains image  in mind of “This will be good” The first few times they took it may well have been with friends out enjoying themselves, it added to the good times, it gave them greater confidence and a huge buzz.

Their Brain Thinks Cocaine = Massive Enjoyment

The brain connects cocaine with enjoyment and every time they have a space or some money or a weekend, or a thought ” I need a treat, I deserve this”  their brain suggests “Go and get some coke, it will be fantastic”

Nowadays the buzz is less and the comedowns are longer. They may not realise this yet. (Some do and still use as they can’t stop) This is why many go on weekend binges because they keep going until they run out of funds as they unconsciously fear the comedown that follows.

When the brain locks into the good feelings associated with cocaine, they go into a type of hypnosis trance and are directed to go and get some. This is why good hypnosis can help to break the spell.

Although as a trainer of hypnotherapists myself, it takes an experienced hypnotherapist who has taken much additional training to be really helpful with addictions. Most can get 30-50% success rates. We get 80-95% success.

What Can I do To Help ?

Do they admit they have a problem?  If they don’t think they have, then challenge them. We have dry Januaries where people give up drink for a month.

Challenge them for this month to go without cocaine. Maybe join them yourself giving up chocolate or drink and link it to raising funds for a good cause.

We even have a free course to quit cocaine here which can help them and you to support and understand their journey.

If they think they can stop anytime, this will be a big wake up call, when the cravings come. They may do it and stay clean afterwards, which will be brilliant for all concerned as they will feel more energised, healthier and wealthier too.

Or they may do the month and go straight back on it, or they may fail miserably. Either way it will be out in the open that it is a problem.

If you see my Cocaine Addiction Help Facebook Page Its full of bravado on the comments by people who feel they are having a really good time with it. You don’t see all the private messages full of despair that we get.

Purchase The Stop Cocaine Abuse CD /Download

The first step, once they admit they have a problem, if they don’t want to come for a session, could be to buy them the Stop Cocaine Abuse self help £19 recording. It would be good for you to listen to it also as it may give you some ideas to help them as will the free course to quit cocaine here.

Also when handing it to them say “I’m wasting my time and money as I know you won’t even listen to it” That bit of reverse psychology will almost definitely get them listening.

You may have to say a few times” Have you listened to it yet ?, No ? I knew I was right” just to annoy them a bit more.

Watch The Testimonials

Watch the video testimonials and do the same thing with them, ”Here is the link, I know you won’t watch them” Again persistence will pay off in the long run.

Hear Some More Helpful Advice On This Video

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