How Long Does Cocaine Stay In The Body ?

How Long Does Coke Stay In Me ?

It’s a common question to ask. Generally it remains in your system for up to four days. It will depend on your own body chemistry how much cocaine you take and your size.

Think about how alcohol affects individuals differently and the tolerance level the person may have built up over time.

With cocaine, you can end up taking more and more to get “the rush” or to avoid the inevitable horrible comedown.

Traces of cocaine can be found in the blood and saliva for up to two days.

If you are a new user it could be out of your system quite quickly, sometimes within hours.

Heavy Cocaine Abusers

It takes time and repeated use which will cause the cocaine to accumulate in body tissues and stay there for much longer.

If you are a heavy user or have had a weekend binge on it, it can be detected in urine tests as long as twelve days later.

Urine Tests For Cocaine

The above information relates to the most common form of testing whether or not someone has been using cocaine. Most legal and medical situations choose urine testing.

Cocaine traces of use can actually be found in hair years later, even after someone has stopped using cocaine. It can be detected in sweat for several weeks.

Some Mental Damage Cocaine Causes

Paranoia, psychosis, anxiety and depression are linked to cocaine abuse along with suicidal thoughts. Reduction in ability to handle stress with impaired thinking. You may not even realise the heavy cloud cocaine holds over you.

Clients tell us one of the main thing they notice is that clarity of though comes back to them as well as energy and hope for a brighter future that they are in control of.

One client was convinced someone in his pub wanted to get him, and he went armed with a knife to sort him out. Two friends were able to stop him (thankfully) and the next day he phoned us and he is free from the hold (and paranoia) coke had over him.

Please watch some of our free from cocaine success video testimonials.

Some Damage Cocaine Causes To Your Body

Heart problems, damage to lungs, nasal passages, liver, tooth and bone decay, blood vessel damage. Depending on what it’s cut with, many of those chemicals have been linked to cancer.

Clients have told us their bones ache and their kidneys hurt as well as chunks falling out from their nose and even holes appearing on the inside.

Scans have shown reduction in brain gray matter. Is this what you really want for your life ?

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