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Book your 2 hour break through session now to make a real difference to your life. You will feel lighter and unburdened with tools and techniques to help you overcome your cocaine habit.

If you are unsure in any way, please spend some time on this website watching and listening to the many video testimonials from clients who once felt like you do now. Anyone can write convincing testimonials but you cannot fake real people. They all have their own unique story /experience to tell.

Please note 99% of clients would NOT want to go on camera, but we are immensely grateful for those that do as they show what we do is so different to what is out there. It’s affordable and very effective for long term success.

You will also receive My Stop Cocaine Abuse download with 3 bonus tracks.


Cocaine Treatment Plan Breakthrough Session

This is a full two hour session in which we will aim to get your urges from 90% to 20% or less. We start to re-wire your brain both consciously and unconsciously to feel ambivalent towards cocaine. We help you to you feel that you can enjoy your life without obsession and urges taking you down a path you no longer wish to go.

This is for a double break through session that you will get some additional downloads when you have your first session. You are welcome to bring a friend or relative with you to your first session as they will hear things you may not and they can be a great support in-between sessions.

Please Watch The Many Video Testimonials On This Website

Debbie uses a unique process of NLP and hypnosis/hypnotherapy that she has developed over the last 20 years. The last part of the session she will record on your mobile device a short hypnosis trance bespoke to you including what we have worked on in the session.

A Email Testimonial From A Client Who Debbie Saw Once

We always recommend the double plus two single follow up sessions to do a thorough job. This is where we get the greatest success.

Hey Debbie

Hope your well, let me start by saying sorry haven’t been in touch but this is what happened after our sitting.
I came out feeling positive with the stuff you said but a day later I was back doing coke, day after that I felt crap and listened to the recording and kept referring to the team on my shoulders. Couple days after that I did coke again, and I thought that sitting with Debbie was a waste of time I kept thinking it was a waste of time but as a week went by and I didn’t even think of coke nor did I think of the team I had with me. I sat thinking to myself what’s happening here I was confused.
 Then I went out with a few mates and there was coke in the hotel room I was in and guess what the thought didn’t even cross my mind to touch it I even got asked Do u want one some? and I said na mate I’m good and carried on pouring my Bacardi and coke it was like I had never done coke in my life there was nothing in my brain saying have one or nothing in my brain saying don’t have one it was just my brain was not interested. Now 3-4 weeks have passed or even 5 weeks I’ve not even thought about coke in its so weird I’m still trying to get my head around how this has happened.
 Debbie you have definitely cured my addiction it’s bloody amazing. My kids are back to getting well exited with me and the missus has set a date to get married, my little daughter doesn’t go to sleep unless I’m in bed with her or when I work nights I have to call her and talk to her before she goes to sleep, And with my oldest we are back to our silly games we used to play. The feeling is out of this world. I am so greatly thank full that you Debbie Williams have gave me my life back you have gave my kids a DADDY back and you have gave my soon to be wife her man back the one she fell in love with. Thank you so much Debbie from the bottom of my heart thank you. You will always be a part of me now for how you bought my back to living my life.
Xxxxxxxxxxx you’re amazing xxxxxxxxxx

What Happens In A Cocaine Treatment Session.

Debbie Williams explains what is likely to happen in a session at her Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Clinic.

See also the video on the cocaine home page.



Clients Cocaine Urges Brought down To 10% From 90%

We measure the changes within sessions, obviously when you go into the real world they may go up a bit, but you will be equipped with tools and techniques to deal with them.

You will also have your own hypnosis recordings made bespoke for you.


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