Cheapest Help To Quit Cocaine In Birmingham

Cheaper Than Re-hab To Quit Cocaine

Looking to quit cocaine and don’t know where to start? Looked at rehab options and shocked at the cost? Confused on what to do next? Trying to find the right cocaine addiction help?

We believe not only are we one of the cheapest ways to help break your cocaine habit, we are also the best.

We back that up with video testimonials from actual clients. 99% of our clients would not want to go onto camera, so it is a small representation of the 1000’s we have helped over the last 20 plus years.

Quit Cocaine Addiction Option 1 = £19

We have a download available called “Stop Cocaine Abuse” that has four tracks to help break the habitual use of cocaine. If you follow the highlighted link you can read more about it.

The last of the four tracks is the hypnosis track recorded by Debbie Williams the hypnotherapist that Paul McKenna recommends highly.

“Debbie Williams is a Skilled and Effective NLP Trainer & Hypnotherapist “

Paul McKenna 

If you listen to it every night, the effects will compound and help re-wire your thinking to be free from the hold cocaine had over you. Think of it as going to the gym for your mind.

It has three bonus tracks with it also including one to help you going on a night out, so that you don’t  follow the crowd and yet you still have a fantastic night out.

Quitting Cocaine In Birmingham Option 2

Brand New….Our unique system to help you break your cocaine addiction is now for free. You will need to listen often just like going to the gym, you don’t go just once. Repetition is the mother of skill to master your own mindset.

Check out our free course to quit cocaine here

Quitting Cocaine In Birmingham Option 3

Come and see us for a one to one by booking a session at the Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Clinic.

It will cost £297 for a double breakthrough session where Debbie will record your own specific to you hypnosis recording at the end of the 2 hour session.

You will also get the product above as part of the work we do.

What Happens In A Session At The Clinic?

Hear top addictions expert Debbie Williams explain what is likely to happen your session to quit cocaine addiction. Hypnotherapy for addiction is not as effective as the Debbie Williams method.

Ready To Quit Cocaine Or Just Find Out More ?

We have lots of free help for you to quit cocaine on this website. Please take some time to explore and listen to others that were in the same boat as you once but are now free since coming to Birmingham cocaine addiction help clinic.

Give us a call on 0121 241 0728 it may go to answer machine if we are with a client, but we will get back to you. or book a session here or email us now.

Will It Work Longterm ?

2 years on and life is good says one of our previous clients. We often get emails from clients to let us know how they are doing. Hear this chaps inspiring story. Many think they need rehab for addiction, yet in Birmingham there are other more successful options.

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